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Nursery Schools and Colleges

1Abbey Wood Nursery Schoolnursery
2Acacia NurseryLeytonstonenursery
3Alice Model Nursery SchoolStepneynursery
4Ann Bernadt Nursery SchoolPeckhamnursery
5Avenue Nursery and Pre-Preparatory SchoolHighgatenurseryIndependent
6Balham Nursery SchoolBalhamnursery
7Balham Preparatory SchoolBalhamnurseryIndependent
8Bayonne Nursery SchoolHammersmithnursery
9Bishops Park Montessori Nursery SchoolFulhamnurseryIndependent
10Chapel End Early YearsWalthamstownursery
11Chelwood Nursery SchoolBrockleynursery
12Childrens House Nursery SchoolBownursery
13Church Hill NurseryWalthamstownursery
14Clyde Nursery SchoolDeptfordnursery
15College Gardens NurseryChingfordnursery
16College Gardens NurseryChingfordnursery
17College Green Nursery Schoolnursery
18Columbia Market Nursery SchoolBethnal Greennursery
19Comet Nursery SchoolHackneynursery
20Curzon Crescent Nursery Schoolnursery
21Dorothy Gardner Centrenursery
22Dulwich Wood Nursery Schoolnursery
23Eastwood Nursery SchoolRoehamptonnursery
24Edith Kerrison Nursery SchoolCustom Housenursery
25Effra Nursery Schoolnursery
26ELBWO NurseryForest Gatenursery
27Ethelred Nursery Schoolnursery
28Fawood Childrens Centrenursery
29Golborne Children’s Centrenursery
30Grove House Children CentreSouthallnursery
31Grove Nursery SchoolPeckhamnursery
32Hampden Way Nursery SchoolSouthgatenursery
33Hampstead Hill Pre-Preparatory SchoolHampsteadnurseryIndependent
34Harry Roberts Nursery SchoolStepneynursery
35Heathfield Nursery SchoolActonnursery
36Hillview Childrens CentreHarrownursery
37Holmewood Nursery Schoolnursery
38Jack in the Box Montessori Schoolnursery
39James Lee Nursery Schoolnursery
40John F Kennedy Special SchoolStratfordnursery
41Kate Greenaway Nursery SchoolIslingtonnursery
42Kay Rowe Nursery SchoolForest Gatenursery
43Kings Avenue School Early Years Sitenursery
44Kintore Way Nursery SchoolSouthwarknursery
45Low Hall NurseryWalthamstownursery
46Maples Nursery SchoolActonnursery
47Margaret McMillan Nursery Schoolnursery
48Maria Montessori School BayswaterBayswaternurseryIndependent
49Maria Montessori School Notting HillnurseryIndependent
50Maria Montessori School West HampsteadnurseryIndependent
51Mary Paterson Nursery Schoolnursery
52Maxilla Nursery Schoolnursery
53Maytree Nursery Schoolnursery
54Moss Hall Nursery SchoolFinchleynursery
55Nell Gwynn Nursery Schoolnursery
56Noahs Ark Schoolnursery
57Normand Croft Community School for Early Years and Primary Educationnursery
58North Bridge House Nursery SchoolHampsteadnurseryIndependent
59North Islington Nursery Schoolnursery
61Oasis NurseryCanning Townnursery
62Old Church Nursery SchoolStepneynursery
63Oliver Thomas Nursery SchoolEast Hamnursery
64Pembury House Nursery SchoolTottenhamnursery
65Portman Early Childhood Centrenursery
66Pound Park Nursery SchoolCharltonnursery
67Rachel Keeling Nursery SchoolMorpeth Streetnursery
68Rachel McMillan Nursery SchoolDeptfordnursery
69Randolph Beresford Early Years Centrenursery
70Rebecca Cheetham Nursery SchoolStratfordnursery
71Robert Owen Early Years CentreGreenwichnursery
72Ronald Openshaw Nursery SchoolStratfordnursery
73Rowland Hill Nursery SchoolTotenhamnursery
74Sheringham Nursery SchoolManor Parknursery
75Somerset Nursery SchoolBatterseanursery
76South Kilburn Childrens CentreCarlton Valenursery
77St Annes Nursery Schoolnursery
78St Stephens Nursery SchoolEast Hamnursery
79Sumner Nursery SchoolPeckhamnursery
80Tachbrook Nursery Schoolnursery
81Thomas Coram Early Childhood Centrenursery
82Triangle Nursery Schoolnursery
83Vanessa Nursery Schoolnursery
84Wentworth Nursery SchoolHackneynursery
85Woodlands Park Nursery CentreTottenhamnursery

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This page allows you to displays all of the London schools and colleges whose details are held within the School Web Index database.

You can display all the schools of a particular type by using the type selection links just above the list of schools.

If you know of a London school or college which is not mentioned on this page, please contact us with its details.

Also, if you know of a London school or college website which is not listed on this page, please contact us with its details.

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