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Schools and Colleges starting with the letter C

1Corpus Christi Catholic Primary SchoolprimaryRoman Catholic
2City of London Freemens SchoolAshteadsecondaryIndependent
3Connaught Junior SchoolBagshotprimary
4Camberley Infant and Nursery SchoolCamberleyprimary
5Carwarden House Community SchoolCamberleyspecial
6Collingwood CollegeCamberleysecondaryIndependent
7Cordwalles Junior SchoolCamberleyprimary
8Crawley Ridge Infant SchoolCamberleyprimary
9Crawley Ridge Junior SchoolCamberleyprimary
10Cross Farm Infant SchoolCamberleyprimary
11Camden Junior SchoolCarshaltonprimary
12Carshalton Boys Sports CollegeCarshaltonsecondary
13Carshalton CollegeCarshaltonfe college
14Carshalton High School for GirlsCarshaltonsecondary
15Caterham Preparatory SchoolCaterhamprimaryIndependent
16Caterham SchoolCaterhamsecondaryIndependent
17Clifton Hill SchoolCaterhamspecial
18Chertsey Nursery SchoolChertseynursery
19Christ Church CE Junior SchoolChertseyprimaryChurch of England
20Castle Hill Primary SchoolChessingtonprimary
21Chessington Community CollegeChessingtonsecondary
22Chipstead Valley Primary SchoolCoulsdonprimary
23Coulsdon CE Primary SchoolCoulsdonprimaryChurch of England
24Coulsdon CollegeCoulsdonfe college
25Coulsdon Nursery SchoolCoulsdonnursery
26Cranleigh Infant SchoolCranleighprimary
27Cranleigh SchoolCranleighsecondaryIndependent
28Cambridge Tutors CollegeCroydonsecondaryIndependent
29Castle Hill Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
30Coloma Convent Girls SchoolCroydonsecondary
31Coningsby CentreCroydonpru
32Courtwood Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
33Croydon CollegeCroydonfe college
34Croydon LEACroydonLEA
35BRIT School for Performing Arts and TechnologyCroydonsecondary
36Cornerstone SchoolEpsomsecondaryIndependent
37Claremont Fan Court SchoolEshersecondaryIndependent
38Claygate Primary SchoolEsherprimary
39Cranmere Primary SchoolEsherprimary
40Chandler CE VA Junior SchoolGodalmingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
41Charterhouse SchoolGodalmingsecondaryIndependent
42Chilworth CE VA Infant SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
43Christs CollegeGuildfordsecondary
44Clandon CE VA Infant SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
45Camelsdale First SchoolHaslemereprimary
46Charlwood Village Infant SchoolHorleyprimary
47Canbury SchoolKingston Upon ThamessecondaryIndependent
48Coombe Hill Infant SchoolKingston upon Thamesprimary
49Coombe Hill Junior SchoolKingston Upon Thamesprimary
50Cranmore Preparatory SchoolLeatherheadprimaryIndependent
51Cranmer Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
52Cricket Green SchoolMitchamspecial
53Culvers House Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
54Christ Church CE Junior SchoolNew MaldenprimaryChurch of England
55Christ Church CE Primary SchoolNew MaldenprimaryChurch of England
56Coombe Boys SchoolNew Maldensecondary
57Coombe Girls SchoolNew Maldensecondary
58Corpus Christi Catholic Primary SchoolNew MaldenprimaryRoman Catholic
59Christ Church CE Primary SchoolPurleyprimaryChurch of England
60Cornfield SchoolRedhillspecialIndependent
61Christs CE Comprehensive Secondary SchoolRichmondsecondaryChurch of England
62Croham Hurst SchoolSouth CroydonprimaryIndependent
63Croydon High SchoolSouth CroydonsecondaryIndependent
64Cumnor House SchoolSouth CroydonprimaryIndependent
65Crosfield Nursery SchoolSouth Norwoodnursery
66Christ Church CE Primary SchoolSurbitonprimaryChurch of England
67Cheam Fields Primary SchoolSuttonprimary
68Cheam High SchoolSuttonsecondary
69Cheam Park Farm Infants SchoolSuttonprimary
70Cheam Park Farm Junior SchoolSuttonprimary
71Cuddington Croft Primary SchoolSuttonprimary
72Chinthurst SchoolTadworthprimaryIndependent
73CACFO Education CentreThornton HeathsecondaryIndependent
74Christ Church CE VA Infant SchoolVirginia WaterprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
75Carew Manor SchoolWallingtonspecial
76Collingwood SchoolWallingtonprimaryIndependent
77Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary SchoolWalton-on-ThamesprimaryRoman Catholic
78Chandlers Field Primary SchoolWest Moleseyprimary
79Cleves SchoolWeybridgeprimary
80Coworth-Flexlands School Preparatory Day School and NurseryWokingprimaryIndependent
81Cheam Common Infants SchoolWorcester Parkprimary
82Cheam Common Junior SchoolWorcester Parkprimary
83Cuddington Community Primary SchoolWorcester Parkprimary

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