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Schools and Colleges starting with the letter W

1Worlingham CE VC Primary SchoolBecclesprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
2Worlingham Middle SchoolBecclesmiddle
3Weeting VC Primary SchoolBrandonprimaryVoluntary Controlled
4Woodton Primary SchoolBungayprimary
5Walsham-le-Willows CE VC Primary SchoolBury St EdmundsprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
6West Row Community Primary SchoolBury St Edmundsprimary
7West Suffolk CollegeBury St Edmundsfe college
8Westgate Community Primary SchoolBury St Edmundsprimary
9Westley Middle SchoolBury St Edmundsmiddle
10Woolpit Community Primary SchoolBury St Edmundsprimary
11Wilby CE VC Primary SchoolEyeprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
12Wenhaston Primary SchoolHalesworthprimary
13Westfield Community Primary SchoolHaverhillprimary
14Westbourne Sports CollegeIpswichsecondary
15Westbridge Pupil Referral UnitIpswichuniversity
16Whatfield CE VC Primary SchoolIpswichprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
17White House Community Infants SchoolIpswichprimary
18Whitehouse Junior SchoolIpswichprimary
19Whitton Community Primary SchoolIpswichprimary
20Willows Primary SchoolIpswichprimary
21Witnesham Primary SchoolIpswichprimary
22Warren SchoolLowestoftspecial
23Whitton Green Community Primary SchoolLowestoftprimary
24Woods Loke Community Primary SchoolLowestoftprimary
25Wickhambrook Community Primary SchoolNewmarketprimary
26Wetheringsett CE VC Primary SchoolStowmarketprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
27Wood Ley Community Primary SchoolStowmarketprimary
28Wells Hall Community Primary SchoolSudburyprimary
29Woodhall Community Primary SchoolSudburyprimaryRoman Catholic
30Waldringfield Primary SchoolWoodbridgeprimary
31Wickham Market Community Primary SchoolWoodbridgeprimary
32Woodbridge Primary SchoolWoodbridgeprimary
33Woodbridge SchoolWoodbridgesecondaryIndependent
34Worlingworth CE VC Primary SchoolWoodbridgeprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled

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