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Schools and Colleges starting with the letter B

1Banwell Primary SchoolBanwellprimary
2Bath and North East Somerset LEABathLEA
3Bathampton Primary SchoolBathprimary
4Batheaston CE Primary SchoolBathprimaryChurch of England
5Bathford CE VC Primary SchoolBathprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
6Bathwick St Mary CE Primary SchoolBathprimaryChurch of England
7Beechen Cliff SchoolBathsecondary
8Bridgwater CollegeBridgwaterfe college
9Brymore SchoolBridgwatersecondary
10Burrowbridge CE Primary SchoolBridgwaterprimaryChurch of England
11Backwell CE Junior SchoolBristolprimaryChurch of England
12Backwell SchoolBristolsecondary
13Badocks Wood Primary SchoolBristolprimary
14Baileys Court Primary SchoolBristolprimaryChurch of England
15Bank Leaze Primary SchoolBristolprimary
16Bannerman Road Community School and Childrens CentreBristolprimary
17Barrs Court Primary SchoolBristolprimaryChurch of England
18Barton Hill PrimaryBristolprimary
19Bedminster Down SchoolBristolsecondary
20Birdwell Primary SchoolBristolprimary
21Bishop Road Primary SchoolBristolprimary
22Bishop Sutton Primary SchoolBristolprimary
23Bishopsworth CE VC Junior SchoolBristolprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
24Blagdon Primary SchoolBristolprimary
25Blaise Primary School and NurseryBristolprimary
26Bowsland Green Primary SchoolBristolprimary
27Brentry Primary SchoolBristolprimary
28Bridge Farm Primary SchoolBristolprimary
29Bridge Learning CampusBristolsecondary
30Bridge Learning Campus Primary SchoolBristolprimary
31Brislington Enterprise CollegeBristolsecondary
32Bristol Cathedral SchoolBristolsecondaryIndependent
33Bristol Gateway SchoolBristolspecial
34Bristol Hospital Education ServiceBristolpru
35Broadway Infant SchoolBristolprimaryChurch of England
36Brockeridge Infant SchoolBristolprimary
37Broomhill Infant SchoolBristolprimary
38Broomhill Junior SchoolBristolprimary
39Burnbush Primary SchoolBristolprimary
40Burrington CE VA Primary SchoolBristolprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
41Bruton Primary SchoolBrutonprimary
42Berrow CE Primary SchoolBurnham-on-SeaprimaryChurch of England
43Burnham-on-Sea Infants SchoolBurnham-on-Seaprimary
44Buckland St Mary CE Primary SchoolChardprimaryChurch of England
45Beckington CE First SchoolFromeprimaryChurch of England
46Berkley CE First SchoolFromeprimaryChurch of England
47Baltonsborough CE VC Primary SchoolGlastonburyprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
48Butleigh CE Primary SchoolGlastonburyprimaryChurch of England
49Beechfield Infant SchoolHighbridgeprimary
50Brent Knoll CE Primary SchoolHighbridgeprimaryChurch of England
51Binegar CE VC Primary SchoolRadstockprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
52Bishop Henderson CE Primary SchoolRadstockprimaryChurch of England
53Bowlish Infant SchoolShepton Malletprimary
54Brookside Community Primary SchoolStreetprimary
55Bishop Foxs Community SchoolTauntonsecondary
56Bishop Henderson CE Primary SchoolTauntonprimaryChurch of England
57Bishops Hull Primary SchoolTauntonprimaryRoman CatholicVoluntary Assisted
58Bishops Lydeard CE VC Primary SchoolTauntonprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
59Blackbrook Primary SchoolTauntonprimary
60Blagdon Hill Primary SchoolTauntonprimary
61Beech Grove Primary SchoolWellingtonprimary
62Blue SchoolWellssecondary
63Baytree SchoolWeston-Super-Marespecial
64Becket Primary SchoolWeston-Super-Mareprimary
65Bournville Community Primary SchoolWeston-Super-Mareprimary
66Bournville Junior SchoolWeston-Super-Mareprimary
67Broadoak Mathematics and Computing CollegeWeston-Super-Maresecondary
68Barwick and Stoford Community Primary SchoolYeovilprimary
69Birchfield Community Primary SchoolYeovilprimary
70Bucklers Mead Community SchoolYeovilsecondary

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