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Schools and Colleges starting with the letter A

1Abbey Court Community Special SchoolRochesterspecial
2Abbey SchoolFavershamsecondary
3Acorns Early Years Centre - BexleyBexleynursery
4Action for Children Westwood SchoolBroadstairsspecial
5Adisham CE Primary SchoolCanterburyprimaryChurch of England
6Aldington Primary SchoolAshfordprimary
7Alexandra Infant SchoolBeckenhamprimary
8All Faiths Childrens Community SchoolRochesterprimary
9All Saints CE Primary SchoolChathamprimaryChurch of England
10All Souls CE Primary SchoolFolkestoneprimaryChurch of England
11Allhallows Primary SchoolRochesterprimary
12Allington Primary SchoolMaidstoneprimary
13Amherst SchoolSevenoaksprimary
14Angley School Sports CollegeCranbrooksecondary
15Anthony Roper Primary SchoolDartfordprimary
16Archbishop Courtenay Primary SchoolMaidstoneprimary
17Archbishops SchoolCanterburysecondary
18Archers Court Maths and Computing CollegeDoversecondary
19Ashford Oaks Community Primary SchoolAshfordprimary
20Ashford SchoolAshfordsecondaryIndependent
21Ashford St Marys CE Primary SchoolAshfordprimaryChurch of England
22Ashgrove SchoolBromleyprimaryIndependent
23Astor College for the ArtsDoversecondary
24Astor of Hever Community SchoolMaidstonesecondary
25Aycliffe Community Primary SchoolDoverprimary
26Aylesford Primary SchoolAylesfordprimary
27Aylesford School Sports CollegeAylesfordsecondary
28Aylesham Primary SchoolCanterburyprimary

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This page allows you to displays all of the Kent schools and colleges whose details are held within the School Web Index database.

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