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Schools and Colleges starting with the letter L

1Laindon Park Primary SchoolBasildonprimary
2Lee Chapel Primary SchoolBasildonprimary
3Len Wastell Infant SchoolBasildonprimary
4Lincewood Primary SchoolBasildonprimary
5Lyons Hall SchoolBraintreeprimary
6Larchwood Primary SchoolBrentwoodprimary
7Leverton HallBrentwoodpru
8Long Ridings Primary SchoolBrentwoodprimary
9Loyola Preparatory SchoolBuckhurst HillprimaryIndependent
10Leigh Beck Infant School and NurseryCanvey Islandprimary
11Leigh Beck Junior SchoolCanvey Islandprimary
12Lubbins Park Community Primary SchoolCanvey Islandprimary
13Larkrise Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimary
14Latchingdon CE VC Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
15Lawford Mead Infant and Nursery SchoolChelmsfordprimary
16Lawford Mead Junior SchoolChelmsfordprimary
17Little Waltham CE VA Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
18Limes Farm Infant School and NurseryChigwellprimary
19Limes Farm Junior SchoolChigwellprimary
20Leas SchoolClacton-on-Seaspecial
21Langenhoe Community Primary SchoolColchesterprimary
22Langham Primary SchoolColchesterprimary
23Layer-De-La-Haye CE VC Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
24Lexden Primary School with Unit for Hearing Impaired PupilsColchesterprimary
25Lexden Springs SchoolColchesterspecial
26Littlegarth SchoolColchesterprimaryIndependent
27Longview Adolescent UnitColchesterpru
28Leys Primary SchoolDagenhamprimary
29Little Thurrock Primary SchoolGraysprimary
30Latton Green Primary SchoolHarlowprimary
31Little Parndon Primary SchoolHarlowprimary
32Langtons Infant SchoolHornchurchprimary
33Langtons Junior SchoolHornchurchprimary
34Loxford School of Science and TechnologyIlfordsecondary
35Leigh Infant SchoolLeigh-on-Seaprimary
36Leigh North Street Junior SchoolLeigh-on-Seaprimary
37Lawford CE VA Primary SchoolManningtreeprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
38La Salette Catholic Primary SchoolRainhamprimaryRoman Catholic
39Lambourne Primary SchoolRomfordprimary
40Little Heath SchoolRomfordspecial
41Lansdowne Primary SchoolTilburyprimary
42Leverton Infant and Nursery SchoolWaltham Abbeyprimary
43Leverton Junior SchoolWaltham Abbeyprimary
44Lancaster SchoolWestcliff-on-Seaspecial

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This page allows you to displays all of the Essex schools and colleges whose details are held within the School Web Index database.

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