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Schools and Colleges starting with the letter H

1Hopewell SchoolBarkingspecialIndependent
2Hadleigh Infant and Nursery SchoolBenfleetprimary
3Hadleigh Junior SchoolBenfleetprimary
4Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolBenfleetprimaryRoman Catholic
5Howe Green HouseBishops StortfordprimaryIndependent
6Herington House SchoolBrentwoodprimaryIndependent
7Hogarth Primary SchoolBrentwoodprimary
8Holly Trees Primary SchoolBrentwoodprimary
9Hutton All Saints CE Primary SchoolBrentwoodprimaryChurch of England
10Hatfield Peverel Infant SchoolChelmsfordprimary
11Hatfield Peverel St Andrews Junior SchoolChelmsfordprimary
12Hayward SchoolChelmsfordspecial
13Heathcote SchoolChelmsfordprimaryIndependent
14Highwood Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimary
15Hylands SchoolChelmsfordsecondary
16Holland Haven Primary SchoolClacton-on-Seaprimary
17Holland Park Primary SchoolClacton-on-Seaprimary
18Hamilton Primary SchoolColchesterprimary
19Hazelmere Infant School and NurseryColchesterprimary
20Hazelmere Junior SchoolColchesterprimary
21Heath SchoolColchesterspecial
22Heath SchoolColchesterspecial
23Heathlands CE VC Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
24Highwoods Community Primary SchoolColchesterprimary
25Holmwood House SchoolColchestersecondaryIndependent
26Holy Trinity CE Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of England
27Home Farm Primary SchoolColchesterprimary
28Homestead SchoolColchesterspecial
29Honywood Community Science SchoolColchestersecondary
30Harmony House Childhood CentreDagenhamnursery
31Henry Green Primary SchoolDagenhamprimary
32Hunters Hall Primary SchoolDagenhamprimary
33Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form CentreDunmowsecondary
34Herringham Primary SchoolGraysprimary
35Hedingham School and Sixth FormHalsteadsecondary
36Holy Trinity CE VC Primary SchoolHalsteadprimaryChurch of England
37Hare Street Community Primary School and NurseryHarlowprimary
38Harlow CollegeHarlowfe college
39Harlow Fields SchoolHarlowspecial
40Harlowbury Primary SchoolHarlowprimary
41Henry Moore Primary SchoolHarlowprimary
42Holy Cross Catholic Primary SchoolHarlowprimaryRoman Catholic
43Harwich Community Primary School and NurseryHarwichprimary
44Harwich SchoolHarwichsecondary
45Hockley Primary SchoolHockleyprimary
46Hacton Primary SchoolHornchurchprimary
47Havering College of Further and Higher EducationHornchurchfe college
48Havering Sixth Form CollegeHornchurch6th form college
49Hainault Forest High SchoolIlfordsecondary
50Highlands Primary SchoolIlfordprimary
51Hyleford SchoolIlfordspecial
52Heycroft Primary SchoolLeigh-on-Seaprimary
53Hereward Primary SchoolLoughtonprimaryRoman Catholic
54High Beech CE VC Primary SchoolLoughtonprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
55Heybridge Primary SchoolMaldonprimary
56Heybridge Pupil Referral UnitMaldonpru
57Highfields Primary SchoolManningtreeprimary
58High Ongar Primary SchoolOngarprimary
59Holt Farm Infant SchoolRochfordprimary
60Holt Farm Junior SchoolRochfordprimary
61Harold Court Primary SchoolRomfordprimary
62Harold Wood Primary SchoolRomfordprimary
63Havering LEARomfordLEA
64Hilldene Primary SchoolRomfordprimary
65Holy Cross Catholic Primary SchoolSouth OckendonprimaryRoman Catholic
66Hamstel Infant School and NurserySouthend-on-Seaprimary
67Hamstel Junior SchoolSouthend-on-Seaprimary
68Hinguar Community Primary SchoolSouthend-on-Seaprimary
69Hassenbrook School Specialist Technology CollegeStanford-le-Hopesecondary
70Horndon-on-the-Hill CE Primary SchoolStanford-le-HopeprimaryChurch of England
71Hall Mead SchoolUpminstersecondary
72Hillhouse CE Primary SchoolWaltham AbbeyprimaryChurch of England
73Hamford Primary SchoolWalton on the Nazeprimary
74Hilltop Infant SchoolWickfordprimary
75Hilltop Junior SchoolWickfordprimary
76Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolWithamprimaryRoman Catholic
77Howbridge CE VC Junior SchoolWithamprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
78Howbridge Infant SchoolWithamprimary
79Hatton School and Special Needs CentreWoodford Greenspecial

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