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Schools and Colleges starting with the letter S

1Sandhurst SchoolSandhurstsecondaryIndependent
2Sandy Lane Primary SchoolBracknellprimary
3Shaw-cum-Donnington CE Primary SchoolNewburyprimaryChurch of England
4Shefford CE Primary SchoolHungerfordprimaryChurch of England
5Shinfield Infant and Nursery SchoolReadingprimary
6Shinfield St Marys CE Junior SchoolReadingprimaryChurch of England
7Slough and Eton CE Business and Enterprise CollegeSloughsecondaryChurch of England
8Slough Centre Nursery SchoolSloughnursery
9Slough Grammar SchoolSloughsecondary
10Slough LEASloughLEA
11Sonning CE Primary SchoolReadingprimaryChurch of England
12Sonning Common Primary SchoolReadingprimary
13South Ascot Village Nursery SchoolAscotnursery
14South Ascot Village Primary SchoolAscotprimary
15South Lake Primary SchoolReadingprimary
16South Stoke Primary SchoolReadingprimary
17Southcote Primary SchoolReadingprimary
18Southfield SchoolWokinghamspecial
19Speenhamland Primary SchoolNewburyprimary
20Springfield Primary SchoolReadingprimary
21Spurcroft Primary SchoolThatchamprimary
22St Andrews SchoolReadingprimary
23St Annes Catholic Primary SchoolReadingprimaryRoman Catholic
24St Anthonys Catholic Primary SchoolSloughprimaryRoman Catholic
25St Bartholomews SchoolNewburysecondary
26St Bernards Catholic Grammar SchoolSloughsecondaryRoman Catholic
27St Bernards Preparatory SchoolSloughprimaryIndependent
28St Crispins SchoolWokinghamsecondary
29St Dominic Savio Catholic Primary School ReadingprimaryRoman Catholic
30St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary SchoolMaidenheadprimaryRoman Catholic
31St Edwards Catholic First SchoolWindsorprimaryRoman Catholic
32St Edwards Royal Free Ecumenical Middle SchoolWindsormiddle
33St Edwards SchoolReadingprimary
34St Ethelberts Catholic Primary SchoolSloughprimaryRoman Catholic
35St Finians Catholic Primary SchoolThatchamprimaryRoman Catholic
36St Francis Catholic Primary SchoolAscotprimaryRoman Catholic
37St Gabriels SchoolNewburyprimaryIndependent
38St Georges SchoolAscotsecondary
39St Georges SchoolWindsorsecondary
40St John the Evangelist CE Infant and Nursery SchoolNewburyprimaryChurch of England
41St Johns Beaumont SchoolWindsorprimaryIndependent
42St Johns CE Infant SchoolReadingprimaryChurch of England
43St Johns CE VA Primary SchoolReadingprimaryChurch of England
44St Josephs Catholic High SchoolSloughsecondaryRoman Catholic
45St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolBracknellprimaryRoman Catholic
46St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolNewburyprimaryRoman Catholic
47St Lukes CE Primary SchoolMaidenheadprimaryChurch of England
48St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary SchoolBracknellprimaryRoman Catholic
49St Martins Catholic Primary SchoolReadingprimaryRoman Catholic
50St Martins East Woodhay CE VA Primary SchoolNewburyprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
51St Mary and All Saints CE VA Primary SchoolReadingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
52St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolMaidenheadprimaryRoman Catholic
53St Marys CE Junior SchoolReadingprimaryChurch of England
54St Marys CE Primary SchoolSloughprimaryChurch of England
55St Marys School AscotAscotsecondaryIndependent
56St Michaels CE Primary SchoolAscotprimaryChurch of England
57St Michaels CE Primary SchoolSandhurstprimaryChurch of England
58St Michaels CE VA Primary SchoolBracknellprimaryChurch of England
59St Michaels Primary SchoolReadingprimary
60St Michaels SchoolNewburysecondary
61St Nicholas CE Primary SchoolReadingprimaryChurch of England
62St Nicolas CE Combined SchoolMaidenheadprimaryChurch of England
63St Nicolas CE Junior SchoolNewburyprimaryChurch of England
64St Pauls Catholic Primary SchoolReadingprimaryRoman Catholic
65St Pauls CE Junior SchoolWokinghamprimaryChurch of England
66St Peters CE Middle SchoolWindsormiddleChurch of England
67St Pirans SchoolMaidenheadprimaryIndependent
68St Sebastians CE VA Primary SchoolWokinghamprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
69St Teresas Catholic Primary School WokinghamprimaryRoman Catholic
70Stockcross CE SchoolNewburyprimaryChurch of England
71Streatley CE VC SchoolReadingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
72Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet CE VA Primary SchoolReadingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
73Sunningdale SchoolAscotsecondary
74Swaay SchoolReadingspecialIndependent

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