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Warwickshire Education

Schools and Colleges starting with the letter W

1Warton Nethersoles CE Primary SchoolTamworthprimaryChurch of England
2Warwick Nursery SchoolWarwicknursery
3Warwick Preparatory SchoolWarwickprimaryIndependent
4Warwick SchoolWarwicksecondary
5Warwickshire CollegeLeamington Spafe college
6Warwickshire LEAWarwickLEA
7Warwickshire Pupil Re-integration UnitRugbypru
8Wathen Grange SchoolAtherstonespecialIndependent
9Weddington Primary SchoolNuneatonprimary
10Welcombe Hills SchoolStratford-upon-Avonspecial
11Welford-on-Avon Primary SchoolStratford-upon-Avonprimary
12Wellesbourne CE Primary SchoolWarwickprimaryChurch of England
13Wembrook Primary SchoolNuneatonprimary
14Westgate Primary SchoolWarwickprimary
15Whitestone Infant SchoolNuneatonprimary
16Whitnash Nursery SchoolLeamington Spanursery
17Whitnash Primary SchoolLeamington Spaprimary
18Willows CE Primary SchoolStratford-upon-AvonprimaryChurch of England
19Wilmcote CE VA Primary SchoolStratford-upon-AvonprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
20Wolston St Margarets CE Primary SchoolCoventryprimaryChurch of England
21Wolverton Primary SchoolWarwickprimary
22Wood End Primary SchoolAtherstoneprimary
23Woodloes Infant SchoolWarwickprimary
24Woodloes Junior SchoolWarwickprimary
25Woodside CE VC Primary SchoolAtherstoneprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled

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This page allows you to displays all of the Warwickshire schools and colleges whose details are held within the School Web Index database.

You can display all the schools of a particular type by using the type selection links just above the list of schools.

If you know of a Warwickshire school or college which is not mentioned on this page, please contact us with its details.

Also, if you know of a Warwickshire school or college website which is not listed on this page, please contact us with its details.

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