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Schools and Colleges starting with the letter S

1Sheepy Magna CE Primary SchoolAtherstoneprimaryChurch of England
2Shipston High School Specialist Technology CollegeShipston-on-Stoursecondary
3Shipston-on-Stour Primary SchoolShipston-on-Stourprimary
4Shottery St Andrews CE Primary SchoolStratford-upon-AvonprimaryChurch of England
5Shrubland Street Community Primary SchoolLeamington Spaprimary
6Snitterfield Primary SchoolStratford-upon-Avonprimary
7Southam CollegeSouthamsecondary
8Southam Primary SchoolSouthamprimary
9Southam St James VA CE Primary SchoolSouthamprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
10St Andrews Benn CE VA Primary SchoolRugbyprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
11St Annes Catholic Primary SchoolNuneatonprimaryRoman Catholic
12St Anthonys Catholic Primary SchoolLeamington SpaprimaryRoman Catholic
13St Augustines Catholic Primary SchoolKenilworthprimaryRoman Catholic
14St Benedicts Catholic High SchoolAlcestersecondaryRoman Catholic
15St Benedicts Catholic Primary SchoolAtherstoneprimaryRoman Catholic
16St Faiths CE Junior SchoolAlcesterprimaryChurch of England
17St Francis Catholic Primary SchoolBedworthprimaryRoman Catholic
18St Gregorys Catholic Primary SchoolStratford-upon-AvonprimaryRoman Catholic
19St James CE Junior SchoolBedworthprimaryChurch of England
20St Johns Primary SchoolKenilworthprimary
21St Josephs Catholic Junior SchoolNuneatonprimaryRoman Catholic
22St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolLeamington SpaprimaryRoman Catholic
23St Lawrence CE VA Primary SchoolSouthamprimaryChurch of England
24St Margarets CE Junior SchoolLeamington SpaprimaryChurch of England
25St Margarets CE Primary SchoolNuneatonprimaryChurch of England
26St Maries Catholic Junior SchoolRugbyprimaryRoman Catholic
27St Maries Nursery and Catholic Infant SchoolRugbyprimaryRoman Catholic
28St Martins Catholic SchoolNuneatonsecondaryRoman Catholic
29St Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary SchoolWarwickprimaryRoman Catholic
30St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolSolihullprimaryRoman Catholic
31St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolSouthamprimaryRoman Catholic
32St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolStudleyprimaryRoman Catholic
33St Matthews Bloxam CE Primary SchoolRugbyprimaryChurch of England
34St Michaels CE Primary SchoolBedworthprimaryChurch of England
35St Nicholas CE Community Primary SchoolKenilworthprimaryChurch of England
36St Nicholas CE Primary SchoolAlcesterprimaryChurch of England
37St Nicolas CE VA Primary SchoolNuneatonprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
38St Oswalds CE Primary SchoolRugbyprimaryChurch of England
39St Patricks Catholic Primary SchoolLeamington SpaprimaryRoman Catholic
40St Pauls CE Primary SchoolLeamington SpaprimaryChurch of England
41St Pauls CE Primary SchoolNuneatonprimaryChurch of England
42St Peters Catholic Primary SchoolLeamington SpaprimaryRoman Catholic
43St Peters CE Primary SchoolNuneatonprimaryChurch of England
44St Thomas More Catholic School and Technology CollegeNuneatonsecondaryRoman Catholic
45Stockingford Early Years Centre and LibraryNuneatonnursery
46Stockingford Infant SchoolNuneatonprimary
47Stockingford Junior SchoolNuneatonprimary
48Stockingford Nursery SchoolNuneatonnursery
49Stockton Primary SchoolSouthamprimary
50Stratford Preparatory SchoolStratford-upon-AvonprimaryIndependent
51Stratford upon Avon Grammar School for Girls Specialist College for Language Stratford-upon-Avonsecondary
52Stratford upon Avon High SchoolStratford-upon-Avonsecondary
53Stratford-upon-Avon CollegeStratford-upon-Avonfe college
54Stratford-upon-Avon Primary SchoolStratford-upon-Avonprimary
55Studley Community Infants SchoolStudleyprimary
56Studley High School Humanities and Music CollegeStudleysecondary
57Studley St Marys CE Junior SchoolStudleyprimaryChurch of England
58Sydenham Primary SchoolLeamington Spaprimary

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This page allows you to displays all of the Warwickshire schools and colleges whose details are held within the School Web Index database.

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