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Surrey Education

Primary Schools and Colleges

1Abbey Primary SchoolMordenprimary
2Abbotsbury Primary SchoolMordenprimary
3Aberdour Preparatory SchoolBurgh HeathprimaryIndependent
4Abinger Common First SchoolDorkingprimary
5Abinger Hammer Village SchoolDorkingprimaryIndependent
6Acorns Infant SchoolBetchworthprimary
7Acorns Infant SchoolReigateprimary
8Aerodrome SchoolCroydonprimary
9Al-Khair SchoolCroydonprimaryMuslimIndependent
10Alexandra Infant SchoolKingston upon Thamesprimary
11All Saints Benhilton CE Primary SchoolSuttonprimaryChurch of England
12All Saints CE Primary SchoolCarshaltonprimaryChurch of England
13All Saints CE VA Infant SchoolFarnhamprimaryChurch of England
14Amesbury SchoolHindheadprimaryIndependent
15Amy Johnson Primary SchoolWallingtonprimary
16Anchor SchoolSuttonprimary
17Applegarth Junior SchoolCroydonprimary
18Applegarth Nursery and Infant SchoolCroydonprimary
19Aragon Primary SchoolMordenprimary
20Ashburton Infant SchoolCroydonprimary
21Ashburton Junior SchoolCroydonprimary
22Ashley CE VA Primary SchoolWalton-on-ThamesprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
23Atwood Primary SchoolSouth Croydonprimary
24Audley Primary SchoolCaterhamprimary
25Auriol Junior SchoolEpsomprimary
26Avenue Primary SchoolSuttonprimary
27Badshot Lea Village Infant SchoolFarnhamprimary
28Bagshot Infant SchoolBagshotprimary
29Bandon Hill Primary SchoolWallingtonprimary
30Banstead Community Junior SchoolBansteadprimary
31Banstead Infant SchoolBansteadprimary
32Barfield SchoolFarnhamprimaryIndependent
33Barnett Wood Infant SchoolAshteadprimary
34Barnsbury Infant SchoolWokingprimary
35Barnsbury Junior SchoolWokingprimary
36Barrow Hedges Primary SchoolCarshaltonprimary
37Barrow Hills SchoolGodalmingprimaryIndependent
38Battlebridge Education CentreRedhillprimaryIndependent
39Beacon Hill Community SchoolHindheadprimary
40Beauclerc Infant and Nursery SchoolSunbury-on-Thamesprimary
41Beaufort Community Primary SchoolWokingprimary
42Beaumont Primary SchoolPurleyprimary
43Beddington Infants SchoolWallingtonprimary
44Beddington Park Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
45Beecholme Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
46Bell Farm Junior SchoolWalton-on-Thamesprimary
47Benedict Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
48Benson Primary and Nursery SchoolCroydonprimary
49Bentley CE Primary SchoolFarnhamprimaryChurch of England
50Beulah Junior SchoolThornton Heathprimary
51Beulah Nursery and Infant SchoolThornton Heathprimary
52Bisley CE Primary SchoolWokingprimaryChurch of England
53Bloo HouseWalton-on-ThamesprimaryIndependent
54Bond Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
55Bourne Community SchoolFarnhamprimary
56Bourne Infant SchoolFarnhamprimary
57Boxgrove Primary SchoolGuildfordprimary
58Brambletye Junior SchoolRedhillprimary
59Bramley CE VA Infant SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
60Bramley SchoolTadworthprimaryIndependent
61Bristow Infant and Nursery School and Sure Start Childrens CentreCamberleyprimary
62Broadmead Junior SchoolCroydonprimary
63Broadmead Nursery and Infant SchoolCroydonprimary
64Broadmere Community Primary SchoolWokingprimary
65Brockham Primary SchoolBetchworthprimary
66Brookfield Primary SchoolSuttonprimary
67Brookwood Primary SchoolWokingprimary
68Broomfield House SchoolRichmondprimaryIndependent
69Buckland Infant and Nursery SchoolChessingtonprimary
70Burhill Community Infant SchoolWalton-on-Thamesprimary
71Burlington Infant and Nursery SchoolNew Maldenprimary
72Burlington Junior SchoolNew Maldenprimary
73Burpham Foundation Primary SchoolGuildfordprimary
74Burstow Primary SchoolHorleyprimary
75Burys Court SchoolReigateprimaryIndependent
76Busbridge CE VA Junior SchoolGodalmingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
77Busbridge Infant SchoolGodalmingprimary
78Bushy Hill Junior SchoolGuildfordprimary
79Byfleet Primary SchoolWest Byfleetprimary
80Byron Primary SchoolCoulsdonprimary
81Camberley Infant and Nursery SchoolCamberleyprimary
82Camden Junior SchoolCarshaltonprimary
83Camelsdale First SchoolHaslemereprimary
84Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary SchoolWalton-on-ThamesprimaryRoman Catholic
85Castle Hill Primary SchoolChessingtonprimary
86Castle Hill Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
87Caterham Preparatory SchoolCaterhamprimaryIndependent
88Chandler CE VA Junior SchoolGodalmingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
89Chandlers Field Primary SchoolWest Moleseyprimary
90Charlwood Village Infant SchoolHorleyprimary
91Cheam Common Infants SchoolWorcester Parkprimary
92Cheam Common Junior SchoolWorcester Parkprimary
93Cheam Fields Primary SchoolSuttonprimary
94Cheam Park Farm Infants SchoolSuttonprimary
95Cheam Park Farm Junior SchoolSuttonprimary
96Chilworth CE VA Infant SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
97Chinthurst SchoolTadworthprimaryIndependent
98Chipstead Valley Primary SchoolCoulsdonprimary
99Christ Church CE Junior SchoolChertseyprimaryChurch of England
100Christ Church CE Junior SchoolNew MaldenprimaryChurch of England
101Christ Church CE Primary SchoolNew MaldenprimaryChurch of England
102Christ Church CE Primary SchoolPurleyprimaryChurch of England
103Christ Church CE Primary SchoolSurbitonprimaryChurch of England
104Christ Church CE VA Infant SchoolVirginia WaterprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
105Clandon CE VA Infant SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
106Claygate Primary SchoolEsherprimary
107Cleves SchoolWeybridgeprimary
108Collingwood SchoolWallingtonprimaryIndependent
109Connaught Junior SchoolBagshotprimary
110Coombe Hill Infant SchoolKingston upon Thamesprimary
111Coombe Hill Junior SchoolKingston Upon Thamesprimary
112Cordwalles Junior SchoolCamberleyprimary
113Corpus Christi Catholic Primary SchoolNew MaldenprimaryRoman Catholic
114Corpus Christi Catholic Primary SchoolprimaryRoman Catholic
115Coulsdon CE Primary SchoolCoulsdonprimaryChurch of England
116Courtwood Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
117Coworth-Flexlands School Preparatory Day School and NurseryWokingprimaryIndependent
118Cranleigh Infant SchoolCranleighprimary
119Cranmer Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
120Cranmere Primary SchoolEsherprimary
121Cranmore Preparatory SchoolLeatherheadprimaryIndependent
122Crawley Ridge Infant SchoolCamberleyprimary
123Crawley Ridge Junior SchoolCamberleyprimary
124Croham Hurst SchoolSouth CroydonprimaryIndependent
125Cross Farm Infant SchoolCamberleyprimary
126Cuddington Community Primary SchoolWorcester Parkprimary
127Cuddington Croft Primary SchoolSuttonprimary
128Culvers House Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
129Cumnor House SchoolSouth CroydonprimaryIndependent
130Danes Hill Preparatory SchoolLeatherheadprimaryIndependent
131Danesfield Manor SchoolWalton-on-ThamesprimaryIndependent
132Danetree Junior SchoolEpsomprimary
133Darell Primary SchoolRichmondprimary
134Darley Dene Infant SchoolAddlestoneprimary
135David Livingstone Primary SchoolThornton Heathprimary
136Davidson Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
137Dawnay SchoolLeatherheadprimary
138Devonshire Primary SchoolSuttonprimary
139Dorchester Primary SchoolWorcester Parkprimary
140Dormansland Primary SchoolLingfieldprimary
141Dovers Green SchoolReigateprimary
142Downs Way SchoolOxtedprimary
143Downsend SchoolLeatherheadprimary
144Drayton House SchoolGuildfordprimaryIndependent
145Duke of Kent SchoolCranleighprimaryIndependent
146Duppas Junior SchoolCroydonprimary
147Earlswood Infant and Nursery SchoolRedhillprimary
148Eastwick Infant SchoolLeatherheadprimary
149Eastwick Junior SchoolLeatherheadprimary
150Ecclesbourne Infant SchoolThornton Heathprimary
151Ecclesbourne Junior SchoolThornton Heathprimary
152Edgeborough SchoolFarnhamprimaryIndependent
153Educare Small SchoolKingston upon ThamesprimaryIndependent
154Ellingham Primary SchoolChessingtonprimary
155Elmhurst SchoolSouth Croydonprimary
156Elmwood Infant SchoolCroydonprimary
157Elmwood Junior SchoolCroydonprimary
158Emberhurst SchoolEsherprimaryIndependent
159Englefield Green Infant SchoolEghamprimary
160Epsom Downs Primary School and Childrens CentreEpsomprimary
161Epsom Primary SchoolEpsomprimary
162Esher CE VA Primary SchoolEsherprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
163Essendene Lodge SchoolCaterhamprimaryIndependent
164Ewell Grove Infant and Nursery SchoolEpsomprimary
165Ewhurst CE VA Infant SchoolCranleighprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
166Fairchildes Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
167Farncombe CE Infant and Nursey SchoolGodalmingprimaryChurch of England
168Feltonfleet SchoolCobhamprimaryIndependent
169Fern Hill Primary SchoolKingston upon Thamesprimary
170Fetcham Village Infant SchoolLeatherheadprimaryRoman Catholic
171Folly Hill Infant SchoolFarnhamprimary
172Follys End Christian SchoolSouth CroydonprimaryIndependent
173Forestdale Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
174Foresters Primary SchoolWallingtonprimary
175Frimley CE Junior SchoolCamberleyprimaryChurch of England
176Frogmore Infant SchoolCamberleyprimary
177Frogmore Junior SchoolCamberleyprimary
178Furzefield Primary SchoolRedhillprimary
179Garden Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
180Gilbert Scott Primary SchoolSouth Croydonprimary
181Glaisdale SchoolSuttonprimaryIndependent
182Glenesk SchoolLeatherheadprimaryIndependent
183Godalming Junior SchoolGodalmingprimary
184Godstone Village SchoolGodstoneprimary
185Goldsworth Primary SchoolWokingprimary
186Gonville Primary SchoolThornton Heathprimary
187Good Shepherd Catholic Primary SchoolCroydonprimaryRoman Catholic
188Gorringe Park Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
189Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery SchoolSurbitonprimary
190Grange Community Infant SchoolAddlestoneprimary
191Grantchester House SchoolEsherprimaryIndependent
192Grayshott CE VC Primary SchoolHindheadprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
193Grayswood CE VA Infant SchoolHaslemereprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
194Green Lane Primary and Nursery SchoolWorcester Parkprimary
195Green Oak CE Primary and Nursery SchoolGodalmingprimaryChurch of England
196Green Wrythe Primary SchoolCarshaltonprimary
197Greenfield SchoolWokingprimary
198Greenvale Primary SchoolSouth Croydonprimary
199Gresham Primary SchoolSouth Croydonprimary
200Greville Primary SchoolAshteadprimary
201Grove Primary SchoolCamberleyprimary
202Grovelands Infant SchoolWalton-on-Thamesprimary
203Guildford Grove Primary SchoolGuildfordprimary
204Hackbridge Primary SchoolWallingtonprimary
205Hale SchoolFarnhamprimary
206Hall Grove SchoolBagshotprimaryIndependent
207Halstead SchoolWokingprimaryIndependent
208Hammond Community Junior SchoolLightwaterprimary
209Hampton Court House SchoolEast MoleseyprimaryIndependent
210Hamsey Green Infant SchoolWarlinghamprimary
211Hamsey Green Junior SchoolWarlinghamprimary
212Haslemere Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
213Hatfield Primary SchoolMordenprimary
214Hawley Primary SchoolCamberleyprimary
215Hayes Primary SchoolKenleyprimary
216Hazelwood Preparatory SchoolLimpsfieldprimaryIndependent
217Heather Ridge Infant SchoolCamberleyprimary
218Hermitage Junior SchoolWokingprimary
219High View Primary SchoolWallingtonprimary
220Hillcroft Primary SchoolCaterhamprimary
221Hillcross Primary SchoolMordenprimary
222Hinchley Wood Primary SchoolEsherprimary
223Hoe Bridge SchoolWokingprimaryIndependent
224Holland Junior SchoolOxtedprimary
225Holly Lodge Primary SchoolAldershotprimary
226Holmesdale Community Infant SchoolReigateprimaryChurch of England
227Holmesdale Community Infant SchoolReigateprimary
228Holy Cross Preparatory SchoolKingston Upon ThamesprimaryIndependent
229Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolAddlestoneprimaryRoman Catholic
230Holy Trinity CE Junior SchoolWallingtonprimaryChurch of England
231Holy Trinity CE Primary SchoolRichmondprimaryChurch of England
232Holy Trinity CE Primary SchoolWokingprimaryChurch of England
233Holy Trinity CE VA Junior SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
234Homefield Preparatory SchoolSuttonprimaryIndependent
235Horley Infant SchoolHorleyprimary
236Horsell CE VA Junior SchoolWokingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
237Horsell Village SchoolWokingprimary
238Howard Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
239Hurst Green Infant SchoolOxtedprimary
240Hurst Park Primary SchoolWest Moleseyprimary
241Kenley Primary SchoolCaterhamprimary
242Kensington Avenue Infants SchoolThornton Heathprimary
243Kensington Avenue Primary SchoolThornton Heathprimary
244Kenyngton Manor Primary SchoolSunbury-on-Thamesprimary
245Keston Primary SchoolCoulsdonprimary
246Kew CollegeRichmondprimaryIndependent
247Kew Riverside Primary SchoolRichmondprimary
248King Athelstan Primary SchoolKingston upon Thamesprimary
249Kingfield Nursery Infant SchoolWokingprimary
250Kingfield SchoolWokingprimary
251Kingsley Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
252Kingswood House SchoolEpsomprimaryIndependent
253Kingswood Primary SchoolTadworthprimary
254Knaphill Lower SchoolWokingprimary
255Knaphill SchoolWokingprimary
256Knollmead Primary SchoolSurbitonprimary
257Lakeside Primary SchoolCamberleyprimary
258Laleham Lea Preparatory SchoolPurleyprimaryIndependent
259Lanesborough SchoolGuildfordprimaryIndependent
260Langshott Infant SchoolHorleyprimary
261Latchmere SchoolKingston upon Thamesprimary
262Laverock SchoolOxtedprimaryIndependent
263Liberty SchoolMitchamprimary
264Lightwater Village SchoolLightwaterprimary
265Limpsfield CE Infant SchoolOxtedprimaryChurch of England
266Lingfield Primary SchoolLingfieldprimary
267Linley House SchoolSurbitonprimaryIndependent
268Lonesome Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
269Long Ditton Infant and Nursery SchoolSurbitonprimary
270Long Ditton St Marys CE VA Junior SchoolSurbitonprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
271Longacre SchoolGuildfordprimaryIndependent
272Lorraine SchoolCamberleyprimary
273Loseley Fields Primary SchoolGodalmingprimary
274Lovelace Primary SchoolChessingtonprimary
275Lyndhurst SchoolCamberleyprimary
276Lyne and Longcross CE Infant SchoolChertseyprimaryChurch of England
277MagiKats Maths and English Workshopsprimary
278Malden Manor Primary and Nursery SchoolNew MaldenprimaryRoman Catholic
279Malden Parochial CE Primary SchoolWorcester ParkprimaryChurch of England
280Malmesbury Primary SchoolMordenprimary
281Manby Lodge Infant SchoolWeybridgeprimary
282Manor Park Primary SchoolSuttonprimary
283Manor SchoolWest Byfleetprimary
284Manorcroft Primary SchoolEghamprimary
285Manorfield Primary and Nursery SchoolHorleyprimary
286Maple House Independent Montessori SchoolThornton HeathprimaryIndependent
287Maple Infant SchoolSurbitonprimary
288Marden Lodge Primary SchoolCaterhamprimary
289Margaret Roper Catholic Primary SchoolPurleyprimaryRoman Catholic
290Marist Catholic Primary SchoolWest ByfleetprimaryRoman Catholic
291Marshfields CE Infant SchoolChertseyprimaryChurch of England
292Marshgate Primary SchoolRichmondprimary
293Maybury Infant SchoolWokingprimary
294Mead Infant SchoolEpsomprimary
295Meadlands Primary SchoolRichmondprimary
296Meadowcroft Community Infant SchoolChertseyprimary
297Meath Green Infant SchoolHorleyprimary
298Meath Green Junior SchoolHorleyprimary
299Merrow CE VC Infant SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
300Merstham Primary SchoolRedhillprimary
301Micklefield SchoolReigateprimaryIndependent
302Milbourne Lodge SchoolEsherprimaryIndependent
303Milford SchoolGodalmingprimary
304Monks Orchard SchoolCroydonprimary
305Morden Primary SchoolMordenprimary
306Moss Lane SchoolGodalmingprimary
307Mount Primary SchoolNew Maldenprimary
308Muschamp Primary School and Language Opportunity BaseCarshaltonprimary
309Mytchett Primary SchoolCamberleyprimary
310New Haw Community Junior SchoolAddlestoneprimary
311New Life Christian SchoolCroydonprimaryIndependent
312New Monument SchoolWokingprimary
313Newdigate CE Endowed VA Infant SchoolDorkingprimaryChurch of EnglandEndowed
314Nonsuch Primary SchoolEpsomprimary
315Northmead Junior SchoolGuildfordprimary
316Notre Dame Preparatory SchoolCobhamprimary
317Nutfield Church CE Primary SchoolRedhillprimaryChurch of England
318Oakfield Junior SchoolLeatherheadprimary
319Oakhyrst Grange SchoolCaterhamprimaryIndependent
320Oaktree SchoolWokingprimary
321Oakwood SchoolPurleyprimary
322Oatlands SchoolWeybridgeprimary
323Old Vicarage SchoolRichmondprimary
324Ongar Place Infant SchoolAddlestoneprimary
325Ongar Place Primary SchoolAddlestoneprimary
326Onslow Infant SchoolGuildfordprimary
327Orchard Infant SchoolEast Moleseyprimary
328Orchard SchoolEast Moleseyprimary
329Orchard Way Primary SchoolShirleyprimary
330Orchards Infant SchoolReigateprimary
331Orpheus CentreGodstoneprimary
332Ottershaw CE Infant SchoolChertseyprimaryChurch of England
333Ottershaw CE Junior SchoolChertseyprimaryChurch of England
334Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary SchoolSurbitonprimaryRoman Catholic
335Oval Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
336Parish Church CE Junior SchoolCroydonprimaryChurch of England
337Parish Church CE Nursery and Infant SchoolCroydonprimaryChurch of England
338Park Hill Infant SchoolCroydonprimary
339Park Hill Junior SchoolCroydonprimary
340Park Hill SchoolKingston upon ThamesprimaryIndependent
341Park Mead Primary SchoolCranleighprimary
342Parkside SchoolStoke d'Abernonprimary
343Peaslake SchoolGuildfordprimaryIndependent
344Pewley Down Infant SchoolGuildfordprimary
345Pilgrims Way SchoolFarnhamprimary
346Pine Ridge Infant and Nursery SchoolCamberleyprimary
347Pirbright Village Primary SchoolWokingprimary
348Polesden Lacey Infant SchoolLeatherheadprimary
349Potters Gate CE Primary SchoolFarnhamprimaryChurch of England
350Powell Corderoy Primary SchoolDorkingprimary
351Prins Willem-Alexander SchoolWokingprimaryIndependent
352Prior Heath Infant SchoolCamberleyprimary
353Priory SchoolBansteadprimary
354Purley Oaks Primary SchoolSouth Croydonprimary
355Puttenham CE Infant SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of England
356Pyrcroft Grange Primary SchoolChertseyprimary
357Pyrford CE VA Primary SchoolWokingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
358Queen Eleanors CE Junior SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of England
359Queens CE Primary SchoolRichmondprimaryChurch of England
360Raleigh SchoolLeatherheadprimary
361Ravenscote Community Junior SchoolCamberleyprimary
362Redehall Preparatory SchoolHorleyprimaryIndependent
363Redlands CE Primary SchoolDorkingprimaryChurch of England
364Reedham Park SchoolPurleyprimaryIndependent
365Regina Coeli Catholic Primary SchoolSouth CroydonprimaryRoman Catholic
366Reigate Parish CE VA Infant SchoolReigateprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
367Reigate Priory Community Junior SchoolReigateprimary
368Reigate St Marys Preparatory SchoolReigateprimaryIndependent
369Ridgeway Primary SchoolSouth Croydonprimary
370Ripley CE Infant SchoolWokingprimaryChurch of England
371Riverview CE VA Primary and Nursery SchoolEpsomprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
372Robin Hood Infants SchoolSuttonprimary
373Robin Hood Junior SchoolSuttonprimary
374Roke Primary SchoolKenleyprimary
375Rokeby Senior SchoolKingston Upon ThamesprimaryIndependent
376Rowan Preparatory SchoolEsherprimaryIndependent
377Rowdown Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
378Rowledge CE VC Primary SchoolFarnhamprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
379Royal Ballet SchoolRichmondprimaryIndependent
380Royal Kent CE Primary SchoolLeatherheadprimaryChurch of England
381Rushy Meadow Primary SchoolCarshaltonprimary
382Russell Primary SchoolRichmondprimary
383Rydeshill Preparatory SchoolGuildfordprimaryIndependent
384Sacred Heart Catholic Primary SchoolNew MaldenprimaryRoman Catholic
385Salfords Primary SchoolRedhillprimary
386Sandcross SchoolReigateprimary
387Sandfield Primary SchoolGuildfordprimary
388Sandringham SchoolCamberleyprimary
389Saxon Primary SchoolSheppertonprimary
390Sayes Court SchoolAddlestoneprimary
391Scott Broadwood CE Infant SchoolDorkingprimaryChurch of England
392Scott Broadwood CE Infant SchoolDorkingprimaryChurch of England
393Selsdon Primary and Nursery SchoolSouth Croydonprimary
394Send CE First SchoolWokingprimaryChurch of England
395Shalford Infant SchoolGuildfordprimary
396Shawley Community Primary SchoolEpsomprimary
397Shere CE VA Infant SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
398Sherwood SchoolMitchamprimary
399Shottermill Infant SchoolHaslemereprimary
400Shottermill Junior SchoolHaslemereprimary
401Shrewsbury House SchoolSurbitonprimaryIndependent
402Shrewsbury Lodge SchoolEsherprimary
403Smitham Primary SchoolCoulsdonprimary
404South Bookham Infant SchoolLeatherheadprimary
405South Farnham Community Junior SchoolFarnhamprimary
406Southfield Park Primary SchoolEpsomprimary
407Sparrow Farm Junior SchoolEpsomprimary
408Spring Park Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
409Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary SchoolMitchamprimaryRoman Catholic
410St Agathas Catholic Primary SchoolKingston upon ThamesprimaryRoman Catholic
411St Aidans Catholic Primary SchoolCoulsdonprimaryRoman Catholic
412St Albans Catholic Primary SchoolEast MoleseyprimaryRoman Catholic
413St Andrews and St Marks CE Junior SchoolSurbitonprimaryChurch of England
414St Andrews CE Primary SchoolCobhamprimaryChurch of England
415St Andrews CE VC Infant SchoolFarnhamprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
416St Andrews SchoolWokingprimary
417St Annes Catholic Primary SchoolBansteadprimaryRoman Catholic
418St Annes Catholic Primary SchoolChertseyprimaryRoman Catholic
419St Anns Heath Junior SchoolVirginia Waterprimary
420St Augustines Catholic Primary SchoolCamberleyprimaryRoman Catholic
421St Bartholomews CE VA Primary SchoolHaslemereprimaryChurch of England
422St Bedes CE VA Junior SchoolWokingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
423St Catherines Primary SchoolRedhillprimary
424St Cecilias Catholic Primary SchoolSuttonprimaryRoman Catholic
425St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary SchoolWeybridgeprimaryRoman Catholic
426St Christophers SchoolEpsomprimary
427St Clements Catholic Primary SchoolEpsomprimaryRoman Catholic
428St Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary SchoolCranleighprimaryRoman Catholic
429St Cuthberts Catholic Primary SchoolEghamprimaryRoman Catholic
430St Cyprians Greek Orthodox Primary SchoolThornton HeathprimaryGreek Orthodox
431St Davids SchoolPurleyprimary
432St Dunstans Catholic Primary SchoolWokingprimaryRoman Catholic
433St Dunstans Cheam CE Primary SchoolSuttonprimaryChurch of England
434St Edmunds Catholic Primary SchoolGodalmingprimaryRoman Catholic
435St Elizabeths Catholic Primary SchoolRichmondprimaryRoman Catholic
436St Elpheges RC Infants SchoolWallingtonprimaryRoman Catholic
437St Elpheges RC Junior SchoolWallingtonprimaryRoman Catholic
438St Francis Catholic Primary SchoolCaterhamprimaryRoman Catholic
439St Georges College Junior SchoolWeybridgeprimaryIndependent
440St Giles CE VA Infant SchoolAshteadprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
441St Hilarys SchoolGodalmingprimaryIndependent
442St Hugh of Lincoln Catholic Primary SchoolWokingprimaryRoman Catholic
443St Ives SchoolHaslemereprimaryIndependent
444St James CE Primary SchoolWeybridgeprimaryChurch of England
445St James CE VA Primary SchoolGodalmingprimaryChurch of England
446St James the Great RC Primary and Nursery SchoolThornton HeathprimaryRoman Catholic
447St John the Baptist CE Junior SchoolKingston upon ThamesprimaryChurch of England
448St Johns CE Community Primary SchoolDorkingprimaryChurch of England
449St Johns CE Primary SchoolCroydonprimaryChurch of England
450St Johns CE Primary SchoolKingston upon ThamesprimaryChurch of England
451St Johns CE VA Infant SchoolFarnhamprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
452St Johns CE VA Primary SchoolCaterhamprimaryChurch of England
453St Johns Primary SchoolRedhillprimary
454St Johns Primary SchoolWokingprimary
455St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolDorkingprimaryRoman Catholic
456St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolEpsomprimaryRoman Catholic
457St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolGuildfordprimaryRoman Catholic
458St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolKingston upon ThamesprimaryRoman Catholic
459St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolRedhillprimaryRoman Catholic
460St Judes CE SchoolEghamprimaryChurch of England
461St Lawrence CE VA Junior SchoolEast MoleseyprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
462St Lawrence CE VA Primary SchoolWokingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
463St Lawrence Primary SchoolLeatherheadprimary
464St Lukes CE Primary SchoolKingston upon ThamesprimaryChurch of England
465St Marks CE Primary SchoolGodalmingprimaryChurch of England
466St Marks Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
467St Martins CE VA Infant SchoolEpsomprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
468St Martins CE VA Junior SchoolEpsomprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
469St Martins CE VC Primary SchoolDorkingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
470St Marys Catholic Infant SchoolCroydonprimaryRoman Catholic
471St Marys CE Infant SchoolLeatherheadprimaryChurch of England
472St Marys CE Junior SchoolOxtedprimaryChurch of England
473St Marys CE VA Infant SchoolFarnhamprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
474St Marys CE VA Primary SchoolChessingtonprimaryChurch of England
475St Marys CE VA Primary SchoolGodalmingprimaryChurch of England
476St Marys CE VC Infant SchoolGodalmingprimaryChurch of England
477St Marys CE VC Primary SchoolWest ByfleetprimaryChurch of England
478St Marys RC Infants SchoolCarshaltonprimaryRoman Catholic
479St Marys RC Junior SchoolCarshaltonprimaryRoman Catholic
480St Marys RC Junior SchoolCroydonprimaryRoman Catholic
481St Matthews CE Primary SchoolRedhillprimaryChurch of England
482St Matthews CE Primary SchoolSurbitonprimaryChurch of England
483St Matthews CE VA Infant SchoolCobhamprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
484St Michaels CE VA First SchoolDorkingprimaryChurch of England
485St Nicolas CE Primary Federal SchoolCranleighprimaryChurch of England
486St Nicolas CE VA Infant SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
487St Pauls Catholic Primary SchoolThames DittonprimaryRoman Catholic
488St Pauls CE Infant School and Surestart Childrens CentreFarnhamprimaryChurch of England
489St Pauls CE Junior SchoolKingston upon ThamesprimaryChurch of England
490St Pauls CE Primary SchoolAddlestoneprimaryChurch of England
491St Pauls CE Primary SchoolChessingtonprimaryChurch of England
492St Pauls CE VA Primary SchoolDorkingprimaryChurch of England
493St Peter and St Paul CE Infant SchoolCaterhamprimaryChurch of England
494St Peters Catholic Primary SchoolLeatherheadprimaryRoman Catholic
495St Peters CE Infant SchoolOxtedprimaryChurch of England
496St Peters CE Primary SchoolFarnhamprimaryChurch of England
497St Peters Primary SchoolSouth Croydonprimary
498St Polycarps Catholic Primary SchoolFarnhamprimaryRoman Catholic
499St Richards with St Andrews CE Primary SchoolRichmondprimaryChurch of England
500St Stephens CE Primary SchoolGodstoneprimaryChurch of England
501St Teresas Catholic Primary SchoolMordenprimaryRoman Catholic
502St Teresas Preparatory SchoolLeatherheadprimaryIndependent
503St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary SchoolGuildfordprimaryRoman Catholic
504St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary SchoolMitchamprimaryRoman Catholic
505Stamford Green Primary SchoolEpsomprimary
506Stanley Park Infants SchoolCarshaltonprimary
507Stanley Park Junior SchoolCarshaltonprimary
508Stanway SchoolDorkingprimary
509Stepgates Community SchoolChertseyprimary
510Stoneleigh First SchoolEwellprimary
511Stoughton Infant SchoolGuildfordprimary
512Strodes CollegeEghamprimary
513Study SchoolNew Maldenprimary
514Swansmere SchoolWalton-on-Thamesprimary
515Sythwood Primary SchoolWokingprimary
516Tadworth Primary SchoolTadworthprimary
517Tatsfield Primary SchoolWesterhamprimary
518Thames Ditton Infant SchoolThames Dittonprimary
519Thames Ditton Junior SchoolThames Dittonprimary
520Thorpe CE VA Infant SchoolEghamprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
521Thorpe Lea Primary SchoolEghamprimary
522Tillingbourne Junior SchoolGuildfordprimary
523Tolworth Infant and Nursery SchoolSurbitonprimary
524Tolworth Junior SchoolSurbitonprimary
525Trinity School and Childrens CentreLeatherheadprimary
526Trumps Green Infant SchoolVirginia Waterprimary
527Tweeddale Infants SchoolCarshaltonprimary
528Tweeddale Primary SchoolCarshaltonprimary
529Unicorn SchoolRichmondprimary
530Vale Primary SchoolEpsomprimary
531Valley End CE Infant SchoolWokingprimaryChurch of England
532Victor Seymour Infants SchoolCarshaltonprimary
533Vineyard SchoolRichmondprimary
534Waddon Infant SchoolCroydonprimary
535Wallace Fields Infant SchoolEpsomprimary
536Wallace Fields Junior SchoolEpsomprimary
537Walsh CE Junior SchoolAldershotprimaryChurch of England
538Walton Oak Primary SchoolWalton-on-Thamesprimary
539Walton-on-the-Hill Primary SchoolTadworthprimary
540Warlingham Park SchoolWarlinghamprimaryIndependent
541Warlingham Village Primary SchoolWarlinghamprimary
542Warren Mead Infant SchoolBansteadprimary
543Warren Mead Junior SchoolBansteadprimary
544Watchetts Junior SchoolCamberleyprimary
545Wattenden Primary SchoolPurleyprimary
546Waverley Abbey Junior SchoolFarnhamprimary
547Weald CE VA Primary SchoolDorkingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
548West Ashtead Primary SchoolAshteadprimary
549West Byfleet Infant SchoolWest Byfleetprimary
550West Byfleet Junior SchoolWest Byfleetprimary
551West Dene SchoolPurleyprimaryIndependent
552West Ewell Infant SchoolEpsomprimary
553West Thornton Primary SchoolCroydonprimary
554Westbourne Primary SchoolSuttonprimary
555Westbury House SchoolNew MaldenprimaryIndependent
556Westcott CE First SchoolDorkingprimaryChurch of England
557Westfield Primary SchoolWokingprimary
558Weston Green Preparatory SchoolThames DittonprimaryIndependent
559Westward SchoolWalton-on-ThamesprimaryIndependent
560Weybourne Infant SchoolFarnhamprimary
561Weyfield Primary SchoolGuildfordprimary
562Whitehorse Manor Infant SchoolThornton Heathprimary
563Whitehorse Manor Junior SchoolThornton Heathprimary
564Whyteleafe Primary SchoolCaterhamprimary
565William Cobbett Junior SchoolFarnhamprimary
566William Morris Primary SchoolMitchamprimary
567Windlesham Village Infant SchoolWindleshamprimary
568Winterbourne Junior Boys SchoolThornton Heathprimary
569Winterbourne Junior Girls SchoolThornton Heathprimary
570Winterbourne Nursery and Infants SchoolThornton Heathprimary
571Witley CE VC Infant SchoolGodalmingprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
572Wolsey Infant SchoolCroydonprimary
573Wolsey Junior SchoolCroydonprimary
574Wonersh and Shamley Green CE VA Infant SchoolGuildfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
575Wood Street Infant SchoolGuildfordprimary
576Woodcote House SchoolWindleshamprimaryIndependent
577Woodcote Junior SchoolCoulsdonprimary
578Woodlea Primary SchoolCaterhamprimary
579Woodmansterne Primary SchoolBansteadprimary
580Woodside Childrens Centre and Infant SchoolCroydonprimary
581Woodside Junior SchoolCroydonprimary
582Woodville SchoolLeatherheadprimary
583Worplesdon Primary SchoolGuildfordprimary
584Wray Common Primary SchoolReigateprimary
585Wyke Primary SchoolGuildfordprimary
586Yattendon SchoolHorleyprimary

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This page allows you to displays all of the Surrey schools and colleges whose details are held within the School Web Index database.

You can display all the schools of a particular type by using the type selection links just above the list of schools.

If you know of a Surrey school or college which is not mentioned on this page, please contact us with its details.

Also, if you know of a Surrey school or college website which is not listed on this page, please contact us with its details.

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