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Schools and Colleges starting with the letter S

Sellindge Primary SchoolAshfordprimary
Smarden Primary SchoolAshfordprimary
Smeeth Community Primary SchoolAshfordprimary
Spring Grove SchoolAshfordprimary
St Simon of England RC Primary SchoolAshfordprimary
St Teresas Catholic Primary SchoolAshfordprimary
Stowting CE Primary SchoolAshfordprimary
St Marks CE Primary SchoolAylesfordprimary
St Peters CE Primary SchoolAylesfordprimary
St Christophers SchoolBeckenhamprimary
St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolBeckenhamprimary
St Augustine of Canterbury CE VA Primary SchoolBelvedereprimary
St Catherines Catholic School for GirlsBexleyheathsecondary
St Columbas Catholic Boys SchoolBexleyheathsecondary
St Thomas More Catholic Primary SchoolBexleyheathprimary
St Nicholas at Wade CE Primary SchoolBirchingtonprimary
St Georges CE Foundation SchoolBroadstairssecondary
St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolBroadstairsprimary
St Mildreds Primary Infant SchoolBroadstairsprimary
St Peter-in-Thanet CE Junior SchoolBroadstairsprimary
Stone Bay SchoolBroadstairsspecial
Scotts Park Primary SchoolBromleyprimary
Southborough Primary SchoolBromleyprimary
St Georges Bickley CE Primary SchoolBromleyprimary
St John Baptist Southend CE Primary SchoolBromleyprimary
St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolBromleyprimary
St Marks CE Primary SchoolBromleyprimary
Simon Langton Girls Grammar SchoolCanterburysecondary
Simon Langton Grammar School for BoysCanterburysecondary
Spires AcademyCanterburysecondary
St Anselms Catholic SchoolCanterburysecondary
St Christophers SchoolCanterburyprimary
St Edmunds SchoolCanterburysecondary
St Faiths at Ash SchoolCanterburyprimary
St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolCanterburyprimary
St Nicholas SchoolCanterburyspecial
St Stephens Infant SchoolCanterburyprimary
St Stephens Junior SchoolCanterburyprimary
St Thomas Catholic Primary SchoolCanterburyprimary
Stafford House CollegeCanterburysecondary
Stelling Minnis CE Primary SchoolCanterburyprimary
Sturry CE Primary SchoolCanterburyprimary
Silverbank CentreChathampru
Spinnens Acre Community Junior SchoolChathamprimary
St Benedicts RC Primary SchoolChathamprimary
St John Fisher Catholic Comprehensive SchoolChathamsecondary
St Johns CE VC Infant SchoolChathamprimary
St Marys Island CE VA Primary SchoolChathamprimary
St Michaels RC Primary SchoolChathamprimary
St Thomas More RC Primary SchoolChathamprimary
Swingate Infant and Nursery SchoolChathamprimary
Sandhurst Primary SchoolCranbrookprimary
Sissinghurst VA CE Primary SchoolCranbrookprimary
St Ronans SchoolCranbrooksecondary
Shenstone SchoolDartfordspecial
St Albans Road Infant SchoolDartfordprimary
St Anselms Catholic Primary SchoolDartfordprimary
St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolDartfordprimary
St Paulinus CE Primary SchoolDartfordprimary
Sutton-at-Hone CE Primary SchoolDartfordprimary
Sandown SchoolDealprimary
Sholden CE Primary SchoolDealprimary
St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolDealprimary
Selsted CE Primary SchoolDoverprimary
Shatterlocks Infant SchoolDoverprimary
Sibertswold CE Primary SchoolDoverprimary
St Edmunds Catholic SchoolDoversecondary
St Margarets-at-Cliffe Primary SchoolDoverprimary
St Martins County Primary SchoolDoverprimary
St Radigunds Primary SchoolDoverprimary
St Richards Catholic Primary SchoolDoverprimary
St James the Great Primary and Nursery SchoolEast Mallingprimary
Slade Green Infant SchoolErithprimary
Slade Green Junior SchoolErithprimary
St Fidelis Catholic Primary SchoolErithprimary
St John Fisher Catholic Primary SchoolErithprimary
Selling CE Primary SchoolFavershamprimary
Sheldwich Primary SchoolFavershamprimary
St Mary of Charity CE VA Primary SchoolFavershamprimary
Sandgate Primary SchoolFolkestoneprimary
South Kent CollegeFolkestonefe college
St Eanswythes CE Primary SchoolFolkestoneprimary
St Martins CE Primary SchoolFolkestoneprimary
St Marys CE Primary SchoolFolkestoneprimary
St Marys WestbrookFolkestonesecondary
St Peters CE Primary SchoolFolkestoneprimary
Stella Maris Catholic Primary SchoolFolkestoneprimary
Saxon Way Primary SchoolGillinghamprimary
Skinner Street Primary SchoolGillinghamprimary
St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary SchoolGillinghamprimary
St Margarets CE VC Junior SchoolGillinghamprimary
St Margarets Infant SchoolGillinghamprimary
St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolGillinghamprimary
St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary SchoolGillinghamprimary
Sedleys CE VC Primary SchoolGravesendprimary
Shears Green Infant SchoolGravesendprimary
Shears Green Junior SchoolGravesendprimary
Shorne CE VC Primary SchoolGravesendprimary
Singlewell Primary SchoolGravesendprimary
St Botolphs CE VA Primary SchoolGravesendprimary
St Georges CE SchoolGravesendsecondary
St Johns Catholic Comprehensive SchoolGravesendsecondary
St Johns Catholic Primary SchoolGravesendprimary
St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolGravesendprimary
Stone St Marys CE Primary SchoolGreenhitheprimary
St Philip Howard Catholic Primary SchoolHerne Bayprimary
Saltwood CE Primary SchoolHytheprimary
Seabrook CE Primary SchoolHytheprimary
St Augustines Catholic Primary SchoolHytheprimary
St Augustines Catholic Primary SchoolHytheprimary
Steephill SchoolLongfieldprimary
Sandling Primary SchoolMaidstoneprimary
Senacre Wood Primary SchoolMaidstoneprimary
Shernold SchoolMaidstoneprimary
South Borough Primary SchoolMaidstoneprimary
St Francis Catholic Primary SchoolMaidstoneprimary
St Johns CE Primary SchoolMaidstoneprimary
St Marys CE VC Primary SchoolMaidstoneprimary
St Michaels CE Infant SchoolMaidstoneprimary
St Michaels CE Junior SchoolMaidstoneprimary
St Pauls Infant SchoolMaidstoneprimary
St Peter and St Paul CE VC Primary SchoolMaidstoneprimary
St Simon Stock Catholic SchoolMaidstonesecondary
Sutton Valence Primary SchoolMaidstoneprimary
Sutton Valence SchoolMaidstonesecondary
Swadelands SchoolMaidstonesecondary
Salmestone Primary SchoolMargateprimary
St Anthonys SchoolMargatespecial
St Gregorys Catholic Primary SchoolMargateprimary
St Nicholas CE VC Primary SchoolNew Romneyprimary
St James RC Primary SchoolOrpingtonprimary
St Mary Cray Primary SchoolOrpingtonprimary
St Olaves and St Saviours Grammar SchoolOrpingtonsecondary
St Pauls Cray CE Primary SchoolOrpingtonprimary
St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary SchoolOrpingtonprimary
St Philomenas RC Primary SchoolOrpingtonprimary
St Ethelberts Catholic Primary SchoolRamsgateprimary
St Laurence in Thanet CE Junior SchoolRamsgateprimary
St Lawrence CollegeRamsgatesecondary
St Lawrence College Junior SchoolRamsgateprimary
Sherwin Knight Infant SchoolRochesterprimary
Sherwin Knight Junior SchoolRochesterprimary
Sir Joseph Williamsons Mathematical SchoolRochestersecondary
St Andrews SchoolRochesterprimary
St Helens CE Primary SchoolRochesterprimary
St James CE VA Primary SchoolRochesterprimary
St Margarets at Troy Town CE VC Primary SchoolRochesterprimary
St Nicholas CE VC Infant SchoolRochesterprimary
St Peters Infant SchoolRochesterprimary
St William of Perth RC Primary SchoolRochesterprimary
Stoke Community SchoolRochesterprimary
Sandwich Infant SchoolSandwichprimary
Sandwich Junior SchoolSandwichprimary
Sandwich Technology SchoolSandwichsecondary
Sir Roger Manwoods SchoolSandwichsecondary
Seal CE VC Primary SchoolSevenoaksprimary
Sevenoaks Preparatory SchoolSevenoakssecondary
Sevenoaks Primary SchoolSevenoaksprimary
Sevenoaks SchoolSevenoakssecondary
Shoreham Village SchoolSevenoaksprimary
Solefield SchoolSevenoakssecondary
St Georges CE VC Primary SchoolSevenoaksprimary
St Johns CE Primary SchoolSevenoaksprimary
St Katharines CE Primary SchoolSevenoaksprimary
St Lawrence CE Primary SchoolSevenoaksprimary
St Michaels SchoolSevenoaksprimary
St Thomas Catholic Primary SchoolSevenoaksprimary
Stansted CE Primary SchoolSevenoaksprimary
Sundridge and Brasted CE VC Primary SchoolSevenoaksprimary
St Edwards RC Primary SchoolSheernessprimary
St Georges CE Middle SchoolSheernessmiddle
Sherwood Park Primary SchoolSidcupprimary
St Lukes Catholic Sixth Form CollegeSidcup6th form college
St Mary and St Josephs Catholic SchoolSidcupsecondary
St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary SchoolSidcupprimary
Sittingbourne Community CollegeSittingbournesecondary
South Avenue Infant SchoolSittingbourneprimary
South Avenue Junior SchoolSittingbourneprimary
St Peters Catholic Primary SchoolSittingbourneprimary
Snodland CE Primary SchoolSnodlandprimary
St Katherines SchoolSnodlandprimary
St Bartholomews Catholic Primary SchoolSwanleyprimary
St Marys CE VA Primary SchoolSwanleyprimary
St Pauls CE VC Primary SchoolSwanleyprimary
Swanley Technology collegeSwanleysecondary
Swan Valley Community SchoolSwanscombesecondary
Sweyne Junior SchoolSwanscombeprimary
St Michaels CE Primary SchoolTenterdenprimary
Sackville SchoolTonbridgesecondary
Shipbourne SchoolTonbridgeprimary
Slade Primary SchoolTonbridgeprimary
Somerhill Pre-PrepTonbridgenursery
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary SchoolTonbridgeprimary
St Margarets CE SchoolTonbridgeprimary
St Stephens Primary SchoolTonbridgeprimary
Staplehurst SchoolTonbridgeprimary
Stocks Green Primary SchoolTonbridgeprimary
Sussex Road Community Primary SchoolTonbridgeprimary
Skinners Kent AcademyTunbridge Wellssecondary
Sherwood Park Community Primary SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
Skinners SchoolTunbridge Wellssecondary
Southborough CE Primary SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
Speldhurst CE VA Primary SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
St Augustines Catholic Primary SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
St Barnabas CE VA Primary ScholTunbridge Wellsprimary
St Gregorys Catholic Comprehensive SchoolTunbridge Wellssecondary
St James CE Junior SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
St James CE VA Infant SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
St Johns CE Primary SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
St Marks CE Primary SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
St Matthews High Brooms CE VC Primary SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
St Pauls CE Primary SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
St Peters CE Primary SchoolTunbridge Wellsprimary
St Michaels East Wickham CE VA Primary SchoolWellingprimary
St Stephens Catholic Primary SchoolWellingprimary
St Peter and St Paul CE VA Primary SchoolWest Mallingprimary
St Davids CollegeWest Wickhamprimary
St Angelas Junior SchoolWestgate-on-Seaprimary
St Crispins Community Primary Infant SchoolWestgate-on-Seaprimary
St Saviours CE Junior SchoolWestgate-on-Seaprimary
St Alphege CE Primary SchoolWhitstableprimary
St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolWhitstableprimary
Swalecliffe Community Primary SchoolWhitstableprimary

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